Friday, November 30, 2007

Well I guess I'm not so great at keeping this up! The main thing that has changed in our family is that Nate started a new job. At the end of September he said adios to Stewart and Stevenson and hola to Basic Energy! He is a financial analyst for them and he prepares the financial statements and reports to the SEC(big in accounting). He is really enjoying the new job and has been working great hours. It has been a great blessing. Nothing too much else is going on, I will try and get some pictures on here soon.

Monday, October 1, 2007

What we're up to

Nathan is busy slaving away for Stewart and Stevenson (formerly Crown Energy). He is actually doing better, not working the long hours like before. I won't say that he loves his job, who does? Things are going well now that they are transitioning from the buyout. That's about all I know from his end, he doesn't tell me a whole lot about it :)

I am busy trying to keep up with the housework and taking care of the 3 youngins. The boys definately keep me busy, they are always on the go. Other than being a housewife and mother, my calling in church keeps me busy as well. I am the first counselor in the Young Women in our ward. I have been in that calling for a year and a half and I love it! I think the girls have definately taught me a lot more than I have them. It's a lot of fun though, it makes me feel young!

Kylan just turned 4 and he is quite busy also. He started preschool this year. He goes to the First Presbyterian Children's Day out program on tuesdays and thursdays from 9 until 2. He absolutely loves it! He also has started soccer. He has practice on tuesday and thursday evening and games on saturday. He really likes being a "soccer boy". He is doing really well in school and trying hard at soccer, he gets a little scared of the yelling and all the new people. He loves to sing and was really excited that he got to participate in the ward Primary program recently. We are very proud of him and are amazed at how fast he is growing!

Caleb is 2 now. He is a great little brother and big brother. He just adores Kylan and follows him around all day. They play really well together. He loves Hannah a lot and is always kissing her. He did have it rough for a while when she first came home. A day after we brought her home Caleb got his glasses (he has a lazy eye). So we had to start patching the good eye and that was a struggle. He has since changed prescriptions and gets a break from the eye patch. We are waiting to get in to see the only Pediatric Opthamologist, that comes to Odessa from Austin, and see what they say. His eye is doing a lot better, it doesn't wander as bad as it used to. He is a good boy and loves that Kylan goes to preschool so he can have more time with mommy. It's tough being the middle child!

Hannah is doing great! She is almost 3 months old. She is smiling all the time, well when she's not sleeping, and she has started cooing and talking with us. She doesn't do much else yet, she's still trying to catch up from coming so early. She was just excited to meet her family. She was due on August 2nd and she decided to come on July 9th instead. But it has all worked out. She loves her brothers, expecially when they sing to her. We are enjoying having a little girl around and she's a lot more fun to dress up!