Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brand new park...

There's a new playground at Hogan Park

It's got cool ropes to climb on...

We really like it!

It also has a cool walk way and slides, a couple swings, and some other cool stuff.
It's definately worth the trip, it's over by the Sibley Nature Center.
Take the Loop to Lamesa and turn left on Wadley.  You pass all the ball fields and turn left to get to the park.  If you get to the nursery you went too far :)

Slow going....

Out with the old,

In with the new...

We are remodeling and it has been slow progress, but we are getting there.  We just got our new fridge, we've ordered our new stove top (which should be on the way), and we have narrowed down on the selection for granite countertops.  Now we just have to go get the sink picked out and we can call to order the granite!  Yippee!!  I am super excited!!  Then after the countertop is done, I get to pick out a new dishwasher, and get a new oven.  Oh, and a new microwave that goes over the stove!  I know, it sounds like I'm really spoiled, (which I am) but this house was built in 1982 (I was 4 years old) and it has all the original stuff in it.  The whole house could use a good facelift! :)  We have done a lot with it, but there's always room for improvement!  hehe

So stay tuned, for the pics and the updates.  I'm hoping it will start to speed up :)

The clean bottle

Introducing the Clean Bottle < LEARN MORE >
I bought some of these handy things for soccer.  They are great!  I love how the top and bottom come off and that you can throw them in the dishwasher!  We go through a lot of water bottles with two kids in soccer, and chances are good that next season it will be three kids :)  So I decided to save money on the throw away water bottles and invest in these babies.  I highly recommend them!  Go buy your own today!  Check them out at