Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh, the insanity!

So we have recently had yet another eye appointment for Caleb, and it's back to square one. We get to patch his eye again. It has been wonderful! Yeah, right! It is a constant battle and I can't leave him for too long or he takes it off or slides it over(he seems to like the soft one that goes right on the glasses). It is so frustrating and I know that it's not easy for him. I just hope and pray that this will make some difference, because it sure is a lot of work :) I guess we'll see in about 6 weeks if it's doing anything and hope for the best. Only time will tell!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby's first picture

This is the 3D old school picture, see the profile? And the cute little fist?

Here is the 4D picture, isn't it awesome! Technology is so cool! I love it! Don't you think girl, look at that pose, doesn't it say "oh, I do declare!" (You know, gone with the wind :). We aren't finding out what the baby is so who knows, it could be a boy. We'll wait and see :)!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A bit of randomness

Hannah was funny the other day. She was playing with a bike tube, which is around her body. She went behind the couch and tried to grab the towel off the back of the couch and it landed on her head, just like that! I just had to snap a picture of it :) I got a good chuckle out if it!

Large and in charge

This is me at 5 months pregnant. It may not look big to others, but boy is it huge to me! :) I either need to stop having kids or get in better shape next time. It sure does a number on your body!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My little buttercup, has the sweetest smile!

My baby is 2 now! This was her on her birthday last year.
She looks so different and grown up now!

This was her cake, a cute little butterfly.

Partying with the Belnaps, she loves them so much!

She was pretty spoiled, she got a doll, some doll accessories, dress up shoes, a toy computer, bubbles, and some really cute clothes. It's amazing how time flies! I can't believe she's 2 already!

Fourth of July

For the Fourth we went to the Gray's cabin at Lake Colorado City.
The kids had a lot of fun, we had to bribe Kylan to get out of the lake for fireworks :)

Hannah didn't want to look at the camera, so I got a couple side shots of her.
Silly girl doesn't like the camera any more.
Happy Fourth of July!

Belated Anniversary

While in Salt Lake we took advantage of having the grandparents around and went for a romantic night at the Castle Creek Inn. It was really nice and it has a beautiful garden in the back with a creek that you can go sit by. I highly recommend staying there if you ever get the chance!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vacation continued....

We went to the Aquarium while we were in Salt Lake City. It was after Nate had gone back to Texas, so we were giving him fishy kisses.

What a great fish face, huh?

She would not hold still for any pictures, this was the only way :)

This was a mini sting ray, Caleb watched it for a long time.

They had a Nemo display and it was pretty cool.

We also got to go to Hogle Zoo, the kids had a lot of fun.

We had to take our picture by the big gorilla, but Grandma cut out the gorilla from the picture, it was supposed to take the place of Daddy :)

Hanging out at the entrance, waiting for Grandpa to park the car.

Better late than never, huh? That seems to be my motto lately :) I thought I'd finish up the vacation stuff, then I could get back to the here and now.