Monday, November 17, 2008

What's the hold up...

For about the last month, maybe more, I have been working on stuff for the Stake activity. So between that and remodeling the house, my house has definately suffered! I was in charge of the decorating(thanks very much Mark!) :) Anyway, so I was scrambling trying to find ideas and asking others what they thought. So we came up with the Winter Wonderland theme and for some reason I just kept thinking I wanted to use tulle. Usually it is for wedding decor, but it definately was worth it. For those of you who missed it, I got a few pics. But they are blurry and so these don't show it off quite right, it was way too awesome! I didn't even get what the DJ had and it was the icing on the cake :) The first pic is our family in the photo booth, you should have come just for the pics! The second pic is super cute! They danced together almost the whole time :)

Our Christmas card picture 2008, um..hello Caleb, you are supposed to smile! :)

Kylan and Karmen, learning how to cha-cha

You can barely see it, but the tulle is draped on the trees and hanging down. It looked great in person!

More trees, and can you see the tulle hanging from the ceiling?

This was the chandelier and it all turned out fabulous, if I do say so myself! I can't take all the credit though, I had some great helpers and it all came together just right! If you missed out, too bad for you! Next year should be fun too!

So now that it's all over I can get back to cleaning up all the mess that has been ignored. Wait, maybe I can volunteer for something else! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

At long last...

We finally got our carpet in and it looks great! These pictures don't do it justice! You'll just have to come see it or take my word for it :) I love it! Now my house can be put back together and we can have a normal life :) Oh wait, do I have a normal life? Haha That's another can of worms!

This is Hannah trying out the carpet before the guys finished it, see the tools right in front of her. She really wanted the guys cell phone!

Here is the after shot, right by the fireplace there used to be tile, now it's gone.

This is what it was before, it actually looks pretty good in this pic, I didn't get a pic of the real before, it was bad!

It looks like a whole new house! Maybe now I can convince my hubby that we need new furniture :)

Halloween 2008

We had a ward trunk or treat so we all got dressed up. Here we are!

Our cute little kitty cat

A crazy witch and her black cat...yes that is my real hair, it was a lot bigger before we went :) and no I won't be doing that again :)

The boys were baseball players and Dad was a soccer player, you can't see it, but he has the shin guards and socks on too :)

Batter Up!

Pumpkin patch

This was a while back, our trip to the Pumpkin patch.

Caleb and his friends from preschool. From left to right, Ian Shannon, Caleb, Parker Tew(not in preschool group, just a friend) and Katelyn Ashton

Me and my cute kids! Minus one :)

Hannah says, "Happy Halloween!"