Friday, May 30, 2008


So what's the trick to getting your kids to pick up their room? I am getting so frustrated with this same battle we have. It's 2:30pm and they have been at it since this morning. I'm really sick of it and this is the only place I can vent, so sorry. I am losing, or maybe I've lost all my patience. I am about to pack up all their toys and sell them this summer at a garage sale! How hard is it to put dirty clothes in a hamper, toys in huge baskets, and shoes in the closet? Could I really make it any easier? Come on kids! Anyway, comments or secret tips would be helpful. I'm going to go crack the whip one more time!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Can we fix it?

Yes we can! So this weekend we decided to finally fix some tile in the boys bathroom. After complaining for who knows how long about the bathroom always smelling like pee. No matter how well I cleaned that toilet it always smelled! With all the potty training and not so great aiming in there, it was no wonder, but still it shouldn't smell after it's clean, right? So Nate took the toilet out and re-positioned the tile. And He did say that the wax ring under there may not have sealed off so great. Ha! I'm not losing it! So while this was going on the boys were re-directed to our bathroom to use the potty. And what do you know, they like to play with anything they can find. So Kylan goes to the bathroom and comes out with what you see in the picture, look really close. And he asks "what's this mom?" I don't think I ever answered him because I was laughing so hard! That kid is too funny! He couldn't just bring it out and ask, he had to take the backing off and stick it to his leg! What a character!

Serves me right...

So our home teachers came to visit us yesterday. While they were giving us the message, Kylan decides it would be fun to take the water bottles out of the package. I had bought some water for our food storage and hadn't quite put it away yet. So he was slowly, one by one, pulling them out of the package. I was helpless because I didn't want to walk out on the message. So I bit my tongue and tried to remain seated, while I watched all 32 water bottles come out. I really wouldn't have had a problem with it if it was supposed to have been opened! And then Caleb wanted to get in on it so he tries to "help" by stacking them. Kids! AARRGH!

Peekaboo Hannah

The boys were watching some Sesame Street one day and Hannah was playing with a hat, I just had to catch it on video. I really do love the boys just as much, but she's just too cute! I promise I have just as much video of them when they were babies, it's just not on a blog! :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rub a dub dub...

Just a quick post for the Grandparents. Three kids in a tub! :) I had

to get some pics of Hannah having a bath, I don't think I have any, what a bad mom!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Funny laugh

Hannah has a funny laugh, you just have to hear it!. I took this video of her in the swing and got her to laugh. It's pretty cute. The boys were playing in the little pool so they got some face time. Fun for us!

High School Musical

So we were watching the second movie and Kylan gets out the basketballs so he can dance. Then all the kids were getting in on the action. It was pretty cute, I should have taken some video.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The adventures of motherhood...

I will have to say that yesterday was a challenge. I was trying to get things ready for the YW activity because the Miamaids were in charge, meaning me. Anyway, so we decide to do a Mother's Day project and of course I go way over board! We made some cute jars that have candy in them and they are decorated. Well I was hunting around for everything we needed and stressing over all that, then I find out that the person who usually watches my kids during mutual has sick kids! So I tell Nate that he's in charge of finding someone, or taking them with him because I would be busy. Then later on in the day he calls and tells me that he might have to work late and that I'm stuck with the kids, great! So 6 o'clock rolls around and I'm doing pretty good, I got my kids fed...well at least I fixed them something to eat, even though they didn't eat it. I got my stuff for the activity all packed in the car. Got myself all ready while Hannah took a little nap, things were going good. Then we make it over to the church to set up, did I mention I was doing really good? I took the laptop for the kids to watch their Transformers movie, got that all set up. The girls had their projects, and got them all finished, WOOHOO! Glad it turned out good and the girls like it! Then we get home and Nate has "work stuff" to do, so I'm on my own yet again. I get the kids ready for bed, which is a feat in itself! Plus I had to squeeze in American Idol to see who was kicked off, gotta have it! I finally get the kids to go to bed, probably around 9:30! Then Kylan gets up and says his tummy hurts and he's going to shrow up( not a typo, he says s for th :}). So I send him in the bathroom for a while and nothing happens. I give him a couple crackers( since he didn't eat his dinner and had candy while watching the movie at church) and sent him back to bed. Well I get awakened by Caleb crying at 2 in the morning, so I go check on him. He's talking about shadows and sniffling so I rock him a little, give him a drink and say something about being a big boy and sleeping in his own bed (he has a tendency to come in and sleep on my floor by my bed, he just loves mommy!). So I go put him in bed and tuck him in, then I notice this foul odor. So I step up on Caleb's bed to check Kylan in the top bunk and, yep you guessed it, he's laying next to his own puddle of throw up! YUCK! So I go find a rag and put it over the puddle, I'll remind you that it is 2 in the I cover it up and hope he doesn't roll over in it and I'll clean it in the morning. So morning comes and he finally gets up, it's like 9 now. So I go in to check on the damage. Again, the foul odor, now extremely bad since it sat all night, then I see where it hit. He must have been facing the wall when it happened, it was all down the wall! And yet his pj's had it all down the other side, so who knows what happened there. I don't think I really want to know. So I start the clean up, throw the kid in the tub and the sheets in the wash. Then I spray like half a can of lysol all over. Hopefully it's not a bug and it's just that he missed out on eating his yummy dinner mom made and filled up on candy while at the activity mom was in charge of. So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the latter. So anyway, hopefully we don't have anymore messes to clean up. And hopefully today is better than yesterday :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eight great years!

Happy Anniversary to us! Yep, today is our 8th Anniversary. Time flies when you're having fun! It's so crazy how fast it has gone. I can't believe I have a child that will be starting kindergarten this fall. Anyway, I was going off on a tangent there....back to the good stuff! Nate and I were married 8 years ago today. Wow! We were so young then! It's so funny when you are young and in love and planning a wedding how you don't think about having an anniversary, birthday, and Mother's day all in one week! Crazy! Well I'm not really typing anything great to read, I just thought I'd put something new on here. Silly me.