Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hiking in the Tetons

The beautiful view

At the start of the trail, Livy was asleep.

She woke up when I put her in the sling.

Stopping by the river

Handsome boy with the long locks

I love the timer on cameras :)

This might be our Christmas card pic this year! LOL

We played in Taggart Lake to cool off.

Nice and wet from our playing. It was nice for the hike out :)

It was great to enjoy the outdoors!  We wish we had some of this around where we live.  This was our kids' first official hike and Livy was a trooper, she made it most the way by herself! It was almost 5 miles.

Our outings

Kylan got to go on an over night camp out with his Dad, Grandpa, and cousins.  They went up to Grey's river and rode the horses in to camp.  He had a good time, and his favorite part was the rope swing into the lake.  I wish there were enough time for all of us to go! I was jealous! :)  Except I got to go play with the girls in Jackson Hole, WY.  We got to shop and check out the sites.
Both Grandma's and some cousins were able to come hang with us and do some shopping.  We had a fun time!

Kylan is 9

Kylan may have had the best birthday ever :) He got to spend it in Etna, Wyoming, surrounded by mountains.  He also got to ride horses and four wheelers.  It was great!
He got some BYU shirts

A new air soft gun

A karate gi

His birthday cake was really tasty too! He wanted a cookies and cream cake.

He also got to have his Grandparents, and some cousins help him celebrate.  He's pretty spoiled, since he's got to celebrate his birthday in Wyoming two years in a row :)