Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The hard work is paying off

We have changed the tile in our entry way.

This is the before pic...

And this is after

I think Nate did a great job! It looks fabulous, and it now ties in with the dining room tile. Anyone need to borrow my talented hubby? :) Yeah for us! Now we just need to get the blasted carpet ordered and put in and our house back together. By the way, check out the other post, I did two :)

Photo takin time!

I got Hannah this cute new headband so I had to take some pictures. The neighbor girls, Harlee Ann and Cassie Belnap, helped me out because she doesn't like to sit still for very long. I think this one turned out pretty good, if only she was smiling.

Itty bitty pretty one

This one is cute of them together. They just love Hannah!

I still need to work on getting good pictures of the boys. Wish me luck! :)

Dazed and confused....

Okay, so not only have I lost brain cells from being pregnant 3 times. I think they are quickly depleting with all the paint fumes I have been breathing for the last while. It's nice to have the buzz to get me through the day though! :) Hahaha! Sorry about the corny post, but I don't have any cute pics to put on here. I better work on that one!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My little sponge

Caleb is too funny! Have you seen the Night at the Museum movie? Well my kids love it, it must be the dinosaur bones that run around. Well it's a pretty good show, so if you haven't seen it, you should. So in part of the show the stone face guy talks to the guard and he's calling him dumb, dumb. Well Caleb is eating his dinner last night, actually playing with it, and he says "dumb, dumb, you better run, run!" That's a line from that movie! What a crazy kid! And earlier in the day he had watched Sesame Street, and on it there is a new character named Murray who has a little lamb (which they sing Murray has a little lamb to the tune of you know what) Anyway, this lamb speaks spanish only and Murray has to figure out what they are doing that day by what she tells him in spanish. To get to the point of this story...oh yeah...well little lamb in spanish is ovejita(sp?) so Murray goes around town looking for his lamb and calling out ovejita? ovejita? and this is what Caleb was doing yesterday after watching this show. I think he had his gun and was going hunting or something! Maybe we need to get rid of the T.V. but then where would I get MY entertainment :) Silly Monkey!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Freaky friday!

Well I had quite the scare on friday. Kylan had just left for school and I found out Hannah had a fever. I check it and it's 103! Yikes! So I get her some ibuprofen and had just come back from putting it away and she was acting like she was going to throw up. She was like that for about 5 minutes, just drooling like crazy and swallowing a lot, like she didn't want to throw up(I always do that). So I was holding her in my arms so I could comfort her, I look down and her left cheek starts twitching! I keep watching her and her corner of her mouth is now twitching also and then her left arm starts jerking. I was freaking out! So I try calling the doctor's office to talk to the nurse, and she's not in the office today! The receptionist says she could take a message, but that it would be later on that they would get to it. So I hang up and call every other person I know that is a nurse, and I get their voicemail! AAGHHH! It's good that I have great friends and a couple of them were just next door. I went over to ask their oppinion because Hannah's left side of her face wasn't working. They were able to assure me that it wasn't a stroke and that it was probably the temp that set it off. Then I finally get a hold of Karen Dent and she helped out a lot and she thought it was a seizure. So now I need to decide if I wait and take her to a 2:30pm appointment, or get her to the ER to see if something is wrong. I went with the latter and to make a long story short, everything turned out okay. She had a cat scan and everything looks fine. She just didn't like holding still for that long :) The Doctor said it was a febrile seizure, brought on by the high fever. So now that she has had one, she could have more. So we will be watching her close. It feels good the get this out and vent. And I hope that it never does happen again, because I felt so helpless! It was just too weird watching her do that. I'm sure glad we got it checked out though and that she won't have to be on special seizure meds. It was just too scary!

You Belong in 1955

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's that time of year...

The kids start school and then they get to turn into sales people. Yep, Kylan's school is doing it's fundraiser. So if anyone who reads this is interested, go check out the site. They have some pretty cute stuff! Just go to http://www.gsgfundraising.com/store/brochures.php?sID=gre1074 and click on the right side to view the stuff. It's always fun to shop online! :) Thanks for looking and at least you aren't getting a call from us, right? HAHA Maybe next year I'll make him work hard for his money.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Knights of the Round Table

Ian came over to play at our house the other day, and the boys had a lot of fun. They decided to fight dragons together, so here are the pics of Sir Ian and Sir Caleb. Aren't they too cute?

They were posing and I had to keep reminding them to hold up their swords, I think Ian was checking to make sure Caleb was doing it :)

Amy wanted in on the action

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chocolate milk anyone?

So we are repainting most of our house. We tried to pick a neutral color that would look good throughout most of the rooms. We thought we had picked one of the lighter colors that we got samples for. At first it was an adjustment, and the paint really does look like chocolate milk :) But it is starting to grow on us and we like it. It looks really good with the white blinds and trim. Now we just aren't sure how it will look with the new carpet, I guess we'll see. Oh the joys of remodeling!....to be continued.

notice the contrast?

The black rectangles are the windows without the blinds on them, see how Hannah likes being our prisoner?

this is the entryway

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine!

Hannah is pretty funny. She has to run her hands through her hair almost every time she eats. In these pics she had just finished eating some mandarin oranges, so her hands were pretty sticky. Notice the hairdo :).

Her hair was sticking straight out, what a silly girl!


Is it time for another one?

Last Friday we were able to watch Kalena Van de Boogaard. It was fun to see how the kids reacted to having a baby around. Suprisingly, Hannah wasn't really jealous at all. She did kind of pull at Kalena's clothes when I had to feed her a bottle, but that was it. It was an adventure!

This was Caleb's favorite thing to do, he kept asking if he could hold her, and then he would grin from ear to ear. What a cutie! Please don't freak out Elsha, I was right there by him every time and she was comfortably supported by the couch:).

Hannah liked when I got the baby swing out and she wanted to help by pushing the baby.

Then when Kylan was home from school he wanted to pitch in and feed Kalena the rest of her bottle.

Makes me wonder if it's not time to have another baby....NAW! Not right now :) Maybe when Hannah is potty trained!