Friday, June 6, 2008

What's that in her hair?!

Okay, so we're at the store, one of many trips we always take. I give Caleb and Kylan a piece of gum to pacify them while we shop. Things are going good, only a little whining, hardly any crying and we got everything we need. Along with things we don't need :) So we go to check out, and every line is super long. I decide to go to the self check-out, which is usually easier for me. But then I had forgotten about the canned food that I bought for food storage. Oh well, I was already in line, so I just had to scan each can individually! So I'm trying to hurry, and Hannah decides to start crying and standing up in the cart. Kylan is trying to help me by handing me the cans, one at a time. And then Caleb makes up his mind that he's bored. So he takes his gum and spits it in his sister's hair! That kid was lucky that I didn't throw him across the store! I was so stinking mad, I couldn't even look at the kid for....well I still get mad when I think about it and it's been over an hour ago. And Hannah just took it, she is so good. When we got home from the store she was asleep in the car seat and slept while I was cutting the gum out of her hair. It's good I got a sweet one like her to go with the spitfire that is Caleb, but I love them both very much! :)Well anyway I guess he's just little and I won't take it out on him, but it's just so frustrating! Just thought I'd share my little story, maybe later I can laugh about it!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busy day with the Rockhounds

Kylan with his friend Trevor, he's the coach's son

On Saturday, a fter we got back from going to the temple, which was at 4pm. We got to go to the Rockhounds game and Kylan's soccer team was one of the Teams of the night. Each team was introduced and then each individual team member's name was called. Pretty special!
After the meeting of the team and the eating of the food they got their trophies. Kylan held onto his all night, except for when he went to play on the playground. He was really excited!

Here they are patiently waiting their turn to be introduced as the MSA Transformers

They got to hang out with Rocky the Rockhound and Juice the Moose for a little bit also.

They got to go out with a Rockhounds player onto the field for the National Anthem and then run back to their coaches. It was really fun for them!

Lubbock, here we come!

On Saturday we went to Lubbock for a much needed trip to the temple. We had to leave early to make it the 2 hours for Nate to go to the 9am session. We made it there just in time and then I got to entertain the kids. We went to the "castle park" and had a lot of fun. These are some pics of the kids swinging and one in the tractor. The castle part is huge and has a lot of slides and areas to climb in. I didn't get any of that though. We had a good time and I was able to go the the 11am session and see some people from our ward, and support two of them who went through for the first time. Then we were able to enjoy some yummy lunch at Chili's afterward. It was a good trip and we were glad we got to go. Maybe next time we will get to go to the session together :)