Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tooth fairy, travel pillows, and a ruffled blanket...

The Tooth Fairy
The tooth fairy visited Kylan last night. Yesterday we went to the Dentist to get a tooth pulled and came out with the toothless wonder :) We knew we had to pull the baby tooth, but when I was told that really it would be good to pull 6, I was shocked! The x-rays were the selling point, you could totally see all the permanent teeth coming up and the reason we went was that his bottom front permanent tooth was coming in behind the baby tooth. It wasn't even close enough to push the baby one out, and it was pushing against the one next to it also. So for the sake of some straight teeth, we just bit the bullet! haha It won't be long and the teeth will be coming into place, so for now, we just call him our little gummer :)

Here he is, showing off :)

Travel Pillows
I have been working on some travel pillows for our road trips coming up. I will spare you with the pictures, they're just the U shaped ones. But they are turning out great and now the kids (and I) won't have floppy heads while we're driving across America :) We'll be going to Houston, twice in the next two weeks. Driving home from California. Then probably to and from Wyoming later in the summer. And if we do Caleb's eye surgery then we'll have to go back to Houston for a three month check-up. So we will be getting some good use out of those babies! Yikes! That will be a lot of mileage :)

Ruffled blanket
My friend is about to have her fourth girl. I decided to be a nice person and help her girls, 12, 10, and 8 years old make something for their Mom and new sister. I helped them tie her a quilt. It didn't really take very long to do and they caught on fairly quickly. It turned out cute, but the best part about it was the what I found online. I had bought a remnant of pink satin, my friend likes the satiny blankets and I wanted part of it to be satin. So now I needed to find out how to incorporate it into the quilt. I had never made my own binding for a blanket before, so I didn't want to foul it up. Then I came across this awesome blog that gave a tutorial that was perfect! It's called Notes from the patch and whenever I try a link on here it never works so I will try to copy and paste.


It gives you the step by step instructions and it turned out fabulous! I didn't go out and buy the ruffler, but I might have to now, after making this blanket and seeing how cute it turned out, I would love to see one that had perfect ruffles :)

This is my attempt at serging, I don't have a serger, so I just did what she suggested. Hopefully the blanket won't fall apart ;)

Here's the finished project! I hope she'll love it! I'm really excited to give it to her!

On a side note, I have never really been that much of a "girly girl" But now I think I can say I am a member of the club. If you can make a ruffle for a blanket and love it, you must be pretty girly :) I guess deep down I really am! haha

Houston, we have a problem....

Well, for those of you who missed my comment on facebook, Caleb gets to have eye surgery. We found out the last time we visited the Pediatric Opthamologist that the patching of the eye just wasn't doing anything for him. So he referred us to a study that is going on in Houston. It's at Texas Children's Hospital and they have been doing it for 9 years. It is PRK, a laser surgery that takes off part of the cornea so it improves the vision. We get to go for a consultation with the Doctor and a pre-op visit on May 3rd. Then the surgery, which is only done every three months, is scheduled for May 10th. We have a lot of questions we need answered still, so we haven't really decided if we are going to do it or not. It really is his only option though, the poor kid has never had perfect vision. His eye started wandering at almost a year and who knows if he could really see before that. So now that he is almost 5, he may be able to see better, but probably will still need glasses. I guess we will find out. Plus if we don't do something about it now, he could lose the use of that eye completely. Since the brain has started shutting it down, it could happen totally if not taken care of by a certain age. So you can see why we are struggling. The cost is not really a problem, it's just the risks involved, and if he would have to have surgery again later on, or what....we don't really know. So there you have it.....Houston, we have a problem.....or it could be a solution....things that make you go hmmmmm? :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cookie cutter kids

A lot of people that knew Kylan as a baby have said that Olivia looks like him. I see it every day :) It is kind of eerie how much they look alike. These pictures kind of show it, but I haven't found that one picture that really does the trick yet. I guess you'd have to see it in my head :) Looking at her definately brings back memories of Kylan as a baby. Too bad they aren't looking the same direction :)

Olivia at 3 months

Kylan at 3 1/2 months

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little tip...

Like I've said before, my friend at Alittletipsy.com has some awesome ideas! Especially around the holidays. She does blog swaps with her friends too and I got a great idea from one of those. They're called Resurrection rolls and the kids loved them. It was fun to do for Easter, but it would also work for FHE treat too. You should totally try them. Check it out! smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com

Thanks for the great ideas Michelle! I love your blog!